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"The Night Poet will put your mind to work and make you think about the past, present and future of your own mind. As the main character's life is played out you can't wait to find out what happens next to Victor. A good read and I would recommend highly!" - - PL. Lillian, AL

"From when I picked up this book until when I laid it down, my interest was always piqued. Good book and I highly recommend it for everyone." - - JC, Kitchener, Ontario

"A fascinating and intriguing story. It's beautifully written and crafted with strong character development. It has an ending that will leave you deep in thought, staring off somewhere in contemplation... A must read!" - - RSTW, Madison, WI

"An exciting, intense read from start to finish...characters that come alive, raw emotion, the unbeknownst, and an ending that keeps you wondering long after you turn your last page." I am amazed that this is only the author's second book! I recommend this to all who would enjoy a mental thrill ride!" - - Reader's Review at

"I am impressed. You almost never see a 5 star on Amazon. Also, loved the book (KABA 1330) about the radio station. Can you send us notice of any of your new books?" - - MR, Stevens Point, WI

"Spanning over 60 years...from the streets of war torn Budapest, across Europe, to the shores of Ellis Island, follow wonderfully crafted characters and a mesmerizing story line, to the very fine line of sanity or madness. A thrilling journey from start to finish!" - - JW, Madison, WI

"This was a facsinating tale. It made interesting reading because the primary character had so many obstacles to overcome, seemed to settle into a comfort zone, and then it all unraveled again. The author kept you guessing what was next for the Night Poet and there was never a dull moment. It is GREAT! As I read it, I can only imagine the research that went into it. The detail during and after the war period is equal to any writer I have ever read. I generally don't read fiction - but honestly, this book is so believable it's fantastic - hard to put down. I am overwhelmed with this talented writing!" - - RZ, Canyon Lake, TX

"This was not the same writer as "KABA 1330". You are in a new nova! Congratulations!" - - JT, Claremont, CA