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"Reading the opening paragraph of the final chapter, I could almost feel "The salty on-shore breeze trailing in off the sea was cool and so very refreshing, flowing lightly against our cheeks through the open window of our study." I loved the chapter titles..."The Calm Before the Pot Roast," "Baked Beans and Flower Girls," and my favorite, "Fireworks on Bear Claw Mountain." There were so many things that I got a big kick out of like, "Sofaville and Floorlampton," and "Fiddle with some jingle." What fun reading!" - - JT, Claremont, California

"I finally finished reading KABA 1330 and must say I was impressed. It was a fun read and took me back to an era I related to so well! Your ability to capture the inside workings of a small radio station while weaving in the inter-relationships of the staff, and a love story of a young DJ and his high school sweetheart, made for a compelling and enjoyable read! I kept wanting things to work out for all concerned, but the twists and turns had me wondering what was coming next. Issues of the day like payola to DJs, emerging importance of news mixed in with the tunes of the day, corporate buyouts, and the like were true to the era and cause for consternation in the small radio station. How fun!" - - RE, Dallas, Texas

"The highlight of the entire book is the pleasing and hypnotic tone of your written voice...so comfortable to read."- - HH, Ashtabula, Ohio

"The story was indeed enjoyable. Your words flowed beautifully and created vivid mental images. I felt your emotions as you expressed them. You spoke to the reader. I was on the journey with you. Your style made me feel that way. I could even visualise Barbara Ann's love for Arthur, and could feel Arthur's feelings for Barbara Ann; I could see Johnny Marino and his departure; I shared the grief of Hal Jacobs as though I was at the funeral. I felt empathy for Bob Drummond. These are just examples, and I can summarize these and other things in your story by repeating that you took me on the journey with you. As far as I am concerned, the greatest challenge for an author is to implant his or her emotions into the reader. Congratulations, Professor. Well done!" - - JPG, Australia

"Just finished 'KABA 1330' and enjoyed it. The last chapter could had been the beginning of an interesting new book. Our first book from Amazon.com on our new Kindle was yours. Best of success on book #2." - - RB, Madison, Wisconsin

"Bob's book was a very easy read. The story flowed well and it kept your interest so that you didn't want to put it down until you finished it. Keep up the good writing." - - WW, La Mirada, California

"This book was a fun read! With no reservations I declare it a winner! I have always felt that a good book is to be savoured. So, I read your book in small pieces and enjoyed each bite. Your words are true and straightforward, like you, or a Midwestern Kerouac. I did find myself asking, "where is the "obligatory" crisis in this novel?" Then I began to realize that you had woven into the story the things that no one talked openly about in the 50's and 60's...polio, alchoholism, babies out of wedlock, and all of the other unspoken effects of a nuclear world. The best parts of this book are the passages that made me feel good, and took me back to a wonderful time in my life. And, yeah, we DID talk that way. So, thanks for sharing!" - - CC, Middleton, Wisconsin

"You have captured very well the essence of the 50's era in this very entertaining story. Using the backdrop of radio broadcasting and music, we're transported back to that era and into the lives of Doug, the DJ, and his love, Barbara Ann. It's hard to put this book down, once you start reading. I enjoyed it immensely." - - BCVW, Ashburn, Virginia

"I really enjoyed the book. I thought your character and event development were well done...engaging. There is a question in my mind, however, about how much of this is fiction. Do you have a painting of the back of a '57 Chevy viewing radio towers hanging in your home? :-)" - - CR, Sunnyvale, California

"Thanks so much for writing this book. Very entertaining! The cover picture relates so well to the story and the ending. Great to see a story with a good ending for a change. And the last chapter was full of all that you anticipated happening after they got married." - - BK, Bloomington, Minnesota

"Bob Story's book "KABA 1330" took me back to my 20's when I got my first job, had my first real love and made me reminisce about all the many people who came in and out of my life during that time. A wonderfully enjoyable book about the good things in life when you are living your dream, and the many twists and turns that life places in front of you. Every time I picked-up the book, I found myself going back into time and having "another fine day at KABA." - - GP, Big Sky, Montana

"I learned a little, laughed a little and cried some. Well worth reading." - - JS, Middleton, Wisconsin

"Finshed the book and loved it - learned a thing or two about how things work in a radio station - I am a big fan of KGO 810 San Francisco, listening to the talkshow people a lot - thanks for writing the book, hope many people will get as much anjoyment from it as I did - will pass this on to the rest of my family." - - LH, Carmel, California

"A great read! A beautiful story. Interesting, heartfelt, funny, sweet, romantic. Growing up in the 50's, it was reminiscent of memorable, sweeter times. By the end of the story, the characters were people I felt I knew well and cared about. I also learned much about something that I knew very LITTLE about... Radio Broadcasting! A very interesting, heartfelt, humorous and romantic novel! Write more Robert N Story!" - - RW, Madison, Wisconsin

"I enjoyed the book. The character development was very good and you paid a great deal of attention to detail and continuity. For me, the references to music and other aspects of the 50s and early 60s made half century menories seem like yesterday's. Congratulations, a job well done." - - JJ, Denver, Colorado

"I finished your book a few weeks back. When you start reading it, you just keep reading as you want to know the end." - - JB, Coralville, Iowa

"I have know the author since we were ten years old. Who would have thought this guy could write! Not me. What a delightful surprise. Can"t wait to read his next book. I truly enjoyed every moment. No better times than the 50"s and 60"s." - - SVD, Victorville, California

"I finished the book. Nice job! Fun to reminisce about those days, especially liked Gus Peropolous and the cockroaches." - - WD, Waunakee, Wisconsin

"I have just finished reading this great new book! I loved it and I found it difficult to put the book down. The flow of the words kept me wanting more. I am so pleased to have found this gem." - - JC, Ontario, Canada

"I'm more than pleasantly surprised by the richness of your writing style. I really like it. I read between 25-30 books a year and generally don't finish around 5 of them because there is no point going any further. Your book certainly wasn't in that category. The style reminds me a lot of Richard Russo. I'm astonished that this is your first book." - - PO, Middleton, Wisconsin

"I really enjoyed your book!! It was very well written. Just enough surprises to keep me turning the pages. The best was the way you developed your characters. By the time I was into the book a few chapters I felt I knew each of your folks personally. Put me on the list for your next book." - - WA, Sun City, California

"I just finished reading "KABA 1330" the other day, and enjoyed it very much. Can't help wondering what percent of the story is autobiographical!" - - JG, Madison, Wisconsin